2021 light novel projects

First post of 2021 and we’re already mid-february… I’m bad as always when it comes to update this blog regularly and there’s not so many things I can post about. Sadly. I have some projects but it seems growing older makes my motivation drop. Even so, I hope I can work on it more efficiently this year.

Currently, I’m into romantic fantasy korean titles. And, instead of working on my previous light novel projects, I came up with a new one. It seems that after finishing my 1st big webcomic project more than 10 years ago, I’m stuck at creating endless starting point. └(――;)―;)―;);))┐

I was hesitant to talk about it given how I seems unable to post more than the 1st chapter before taking it down due to lack of updates but looking at those light novel translation blog made me realize once again there’s a lot of unfinished work on the internet (sometimes with only one or two chapters) and if posting can motivate me, it’d be ok (?).

So, I’m gonna talk about my own unfinished projects here and start posting the chapters even if I’m unsure to finish the stories one day. (×_×;)
To note, my english isn’t good enough to write in this language so light novel will be written in french but talk or illustrations posts will be written in english.

Let’s make it happen

I already talked about it when I started the project in… 2017. (;-_-)/ Stuck at the starting line since then. 4-koma project dropped as I don’t have the time or motivation for it anymore but yeah, one day, hopefully, I’ll manage to finish the story. Funny how isekai was popular back then but not as big as of now yet. As it’s been so long, I’d like to rewrite entirely that I did for it.

Alle Hero – Horribles cas en terres d’Alle

2019 – hiatus – 2020 – hiatus – will 2021 be the good year for it? I can’t say but I might publish the first chapters and see if it motivates me. As the tone is kinda different from the one story I’m currently working on, it could make a nice change of pace.

summary: Four teenagers wake up in another world. No directions, no guide… They know they are heroes but the goal of their adventure is to be found.

Who has the worst taste? Le fl ne veut pas de l’ogML

New and first romantic fantasy project! I’m… kinda unsure about it considering all the tropes but I’m having fun. So hopefully, I can keep the motivation going! o(^▽^)o

summary: Christina hears something weird… she’s the heroine of a novel and will fall in love with a cruel and possessive man? No tempted by this destiny, she accepts the marriage proposal of Count Orsy, unaware the guy has an hidden agenda too.

I’m sorry not so sorry but I enjoy those villainess and shit guy second chance novels. (〃▽〃) But at the same time, I sometimes wish there were more “friendly” feelings between all charas so… it ended up like that (?) FL going the growing-up route thanks to villainess’s action and shit guy #1 & #2 going the redemption one. Well… it might be more growing up than redemption for shitty#2. Despite all the tropes, I’m currently fond of those four, especially the worst ones. (^v^)